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A number of credit unions and bank partners in central Florida are extending banking privileges even though you may not have a credit record  you lost your banking privelges.  In most cases,all you have to do is attend a two hour "success class" conducted by the United Way." It's called BankOn!

Dial 2-1-1 to sign up for a BankOn!class, or use the link below to  find a class identified by green text.  At the class we'll help you choose an account that fits your needs at a BankOn! Central Florida member listed below.



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Savings & Checking

Youth Savings Accounts

MIDFLORIDA, Savings, $5.00 to start
MIDFLORIDA, Checking, $4.95 a month 
MIDFLORIDA, Teen Debit Card Account 
MIDFLORIDA, Gator Accounts up to 12 years old 
Citizen's Bank & Trust, Savings, $100 to open
Citizen's Bank & Trust, Checking, $50.00 to start / Free
Citizen's Bank & Trust, Kids Savings 
Magnify, Savings, $5.00 to start 
Magnify, Checking, $25.00 balance 
Wells Fargo, Savings, $25 to start if automatic savings plan 
Wells Fargo, Checking, $100 to start / $10 monthly 
SunTrust, Savings, $100 to start / monthly fee 
SunTrust, Checking, $100 to start / $7.00 waivable 
SunTrust, Youth Savings, $25 to start/ monthly fee 
Urban Trust, Savings, $25 to start / $6 per quarter if low balance 
Urban Trust, Checking, $25 to start / no fee 
Urban Trust, Opportunity Checking, $25 to start / $10 monthly 
TD Bank, Savings, No Minimum to start, $4 monthly
TD Bank, Checking, Minimum Deposit / $3.99 monthly
BB&T, Savings, No Minimum Deposit, No Monthly Fee 
BB&T, Checking, Fees waived with direct deposit, $50 to start 
Regions, Savings, $50 to start / $5 month if low balance
Regions, Checking, $50 to start / $10 monthly-waived if direct deposit over $500
Regions, Youth Savings, $5 to start / no fees if under 3 withdrawals per month
Fifth Third Bank, Savings, Deposit, $5 a monthly fee waived if $500 adb balance
Fifth Third Bank, Checking, Deposit, $11 monthly fee reduced if direct deposit
Fifth Third Bank, Youth Savings, Deposit to start / no fees
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