United Way of Central Florida

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Newspaper with A Heart

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Newspaper with a Heart is a special needs charity that depends on readers to give what they can to help neighbors. These neighbors could be in a crisis, income may have been cut because of an illness, injuries or other misfortunes.

The Ledger and United Way of Central Florida have teamed together to help the program grow and reach more individuals. The Heart program accepts open applications for assistance such as rent, mortgage, utilities. To apply, just dial 888-370-7188 to speak to a 2-1-1 specialist.

None of the proceeds go straight to the individual, but rather to the landlords, mortgage holders, utilities and other creditors.

Contributions have made it possible for families and individuals get through the toughest financial struggles.

Applicants need to have available such personal information as Social Security numbers, salary pay stubs and other documentation supporting needs. Applicants will be directed to one of several nonprofit human services agencies to complete the screening process.

If you would like to donate to Newspaper with a Heart click here