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Get a Written Financial Plan

A stable financial foundation is one of the building blocks of a good life. Call 2-1-1 and ask where  you can go for the following, free, financial services:


  • Help choosing a bank account. It makes saving easier. You can avoid check cashing costs and your money is immediately available  to you, on pay day.
  • Take a family budgeting class. Saving can only be achieved if you take in more money than you spend. Learning as a family gives financial tools to your children  to use throughout their lives. 
  • Credit Scores matter and we've got resources to help. Insurance, car loans, rental apartments and more, all calculate credit scores into pricing. When you have better credit you get a better price.
  • Better jobs come from better education. Good companies want you to get ahead; we've got ideas for you to get a promotion or a better job, to increase your take home pay.
  • Getting ready to buy a home.  We can help you plan for your home.  It takes a saving plan, learning about buying mortgages and  knowing the costs beyond a mortgage, necessary to keep your home.
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